Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge aus Berlin, seit 2018



Komodo Fox is a two-headed rock trio based in Berlin.
Sharing a passion for rock from the 90s and early 00s, Brazilian songwriter Caio Donini (lead vocals, guitars, bass) and German multi-instrumentalist Philipp Hasse (drums, keys, backing vocals) formed the band in 2018 after meeting in Berlin.
Their songwriting showcases each of their different musical influences, be it nastily distorted guitars in drop D tuning or rhythm sections filled with ghost notes. From the progressive, trippy sound of the 70’s, passing through heavy metal anthems of the 80’s and right into the golden age of grunge, you can find all flavours of rock in their DNA. Their music is inspired by personal stories, unlikely conversations and alternative realities, all with a pinch of cynicism and social critique.
Their fi (...) Mehr anzeigenrst single, All the Money in the World, was released independently in November 2018, followed by a second one, Black Lights, in December 2018. The band spent the majority of 2019 writing more material and preparing for a slate of concerts in 2020, which will be followed by a debut EP the same year. Weniger anzeigen


Caio Donini

Sänger, Songwriter, Gitarrist

Philipp Hasse



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