Lee Jay Cop

Pop, Rock, Alternative/Independent aus Oldenburg, seit 2006


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Half Swedish drummer JOHNNY SWEDEN and the singing shepard CHRISTOPHER BEEN JR. from Oldenburg in Oldenburg, Germany, always wanted the real big thing. Over the years they founded several bands, each dissolved as quickly as it came together. In 2006, Johnny and Christopher started a dedicated search for musicians who - like them - were committed to living their music to the fullest. They found dandyman C. VON HILLESHEIM (guitar), DANIEL SCHUMANN (guitar) and ex-boxing champ ALEX FOX (bass).
By the end of 2006 the new crew was ready to go public as LEE JAY COP. Inspired by the new dynamics songwriter CHRISTOPHER BEEN JR. catapulted one song after the other which amounted to about one demo per week. The band started touring and rocking through Northern Germany and Berlin (You Festival 2008 (...) Mehr anzeigenand 2009, White Trash, Wild at Heart, Sage Club). In the beginning of 2009, it became obvious, that a producer was needed, the hard drive collapsed repeatedly under the load of 150 (!!!) demo-tracks. Almost ten months later LEE JAY COP got a phonecall of Slowenians No.1 producer Zare “Siddartha” Pak who wanted to be involved in the production of this particular first album. And he proved to be the chosen one, having an immediate understanding for the boys and their vision.
In June 2010, recordings began in the Horus Sound Studios in Hannover, Germany (Guano Apes, ELOY) to be finished in August 2010 in Ljubljana’s kifkif Studio. Final editing took place near Bristol, UK, which generated an increasing crowd of UK-fans.

REVOLUTION OF THE DOG, Lee Jay Cops first CD, hit the stores in September 2011 in Slovenia (Nika Records), Germany, Suitzerland, Austria (Run United/Revolver/cargo) and USA (Big Sounds International).
And people like what they hear:
Laut.de : just like puberscent Liam Gallagher…. Hippy-hillbilly styles meet the Rolling Stones short before school enrollment…. combines elements of Oasis, Primal Scream, Starsailor or Kasabian….”
VISIONS: „….REVOLUTION OF THE DOG by LEE JAY COP, pushing up British Rock’n’Roll attitude as far as it will go…”
in hard: „.. an album, that prays the angry radicalness as well as the harmonic tradition in Rock’n’Roll. Highly recommendable!”

Recently the COPs supported The Airborne Toxic Event, Good Charlotte and Panic! At the disco during their German live tours Weniger anzeigen


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