Logar's Diary

Power Metal mit epischem Einschlag aus Berlin, seit 1998



Logar's Diary is a six-piece. All the band's music is dealing with the adventures of the magician Logar in the Earthdawn universe (Earthdawn is a famous role-playing-game). Logar wrote down his quests and found some bards who wrote the music for his lyrics. So Logar's Diary is a 100% concept band and every of our albums are self-contained chapters.

The idea of the band was born in spring 1998. After finishing the songwriting of the first chapter of the story we finally released our Demo-CD "BOOK I: Iostros" in 2001. The reactions were pretty good and we got the opportunity to sign at Metal Fortress Entertainment (MFE) for recording our second CD. "BOOK II: Parlainth - The forgotten City" was finally released in 2006.

Nowadays Book III: At The Crossroads is self-released but not fully pro (...) Mehr anzeigenmoted! Weniger anzeigen


Steven Schubert



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