Epic Death Metal aus Berlin, seit 2011



What does Mytherine mean?
This fantasy name is a combination of ‘myth’ and ‘riverine’. The lyrics are telling adventurous stories, from sagas and myths of a fictional world very similar to our own. In the ways of Epic Death Metal it is our approach to create a raging current of fantastic tales and legends – a Mytherine. Driving, moving, in constant motion and something you cannot evade.
Mytherine are having their first festival-appearences at the Frostfeuernächte in February and at Berlin’s Nox A Carnival in November. They also join forces with well-known bands such as Gorilla Monsoon at Pestbaracke (Eisenhüttenstadt) and Nachtschatten. Furthermore the band starts preparing their first future music video which was their prize for participating in Frostfeuernächte’s band-contest and wo (...) Mehr anzeigenrks eagerly on additional material for the upcoming full-length ‘Lord Of Mountains’.
Because of intense preparation, a thought-out concept and extraordinary cooperation between studio and band the recordings of the debut album are finished faster than expected. Mytherine decides to produce the cd in the same year but due to personal duties the release date of ‘Dawn Of A New Era’ has to be postponed again and again and the group finally unleashes the full-length on November 20, 2015. For the band was founded in 2011 and the release would be in 2015 this special friday (20-11-2015) seemed to be a promising date. Now that ‘Dawn Of A New Era’ is being spread around the world to tell a fantastic story in form of Epic Death Metal everyone is more motivated than ever and cannot wait to bring more myths, legends and music to birth.
Again Mytherine has to deal with personal changes as Stefan, main composer of ‘The Storm’, ‘Ancient Path’ and ‘Call To Arms’, leaves the band in early 2014. Soon after he is replaced by Marius (guitars, ex-Beyond The Bullet) who adds heavier and more aggressive Melodic Death- and Black Metal-riffs to the music. On June 7, 2014 the band has their very first gig at Werk9 in Berlin and is already developing first, specific ideas for the second set of songs. After a successful beginning of live-activity and further gigs in Berlin the quintet starts recording their first full-length ‘Dawn Of A New Era’ at the Winter Solitude Studio in Berlin in the end of 2014.
To add more pressure and finesse to their sound, the band starts searching for a second guitar player. Little later, during spring 2013, Cpt. Ivory (guitars, ex-His Masters Descent) becomes part of the group. With his influences of Pirate Metal and Folk he enables long-desired two-parted guitar-melodies, harmonies and complex solos. During mid-year the band decides to record 2 songs in the rehearsal room of a friend to offer them as a digital demo. Soon after the recording Marcus, who has been strongly involved in composing songs like ‘Dawn Of A New Era’ or ‘Into The Unknown’, is forced to leave the band due to personal reasons.
In the beginning of 2012 Christian (drums, ex-Influence) joins the band after demonstrating his dynamic, emotional drumming style with strong influences of Dark Tranquillity and Meshuggah. In addition the band is searching for a new guitar player and invites Stefan to join the group. Finally Mytherine is finally able to start rehearsing and with Stefan’s influences of Metalcore and Viking Metal the music becomes heavier and new tracks are quickly integrated into the first setlist.
Mytherine is founded by Raven Tongue (vocals, ex-Ashes of utopiA), Marcus (keyboards, ex-Ashes of utopiA), Sven (bass), Nandino (rhythm guitar) and Louiza (vocals) in 2011 in Berlin, Germany. This line-up tries to combine virtuoso keyboard-melodies à la Children of Bodom or Nightwish with both, female and male vocals on top of a solid metal-foundation to create a Symphonic Death Metal-band. Because of an incomplete and furthermore inconsistent line-up on the one hand and a delayed songwriting-process on the other the female singer leaves the band in the end of 2011. The genre changes to Melodic Death Metal and Nandino leaves the band soon after. Thus the time was ripe for a new beginning. Weniger anzeigen


Raven Tongue

Sänger, Songwriter, Texter, Bandleader

Sven Hansen



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