Massive Mega Metal (and an inch of Prog) aus Berlin, seit 2004


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Cornerstones are: dedicated songwriting, delightful arrangements, multidimensional musical catalog, well applied keyboards and a noticable presence of death metal content. Those are the ingredients to forge what they call 'massive mega metal'. Having played several live performances with, amongst others, Volbeat, Korpiklaani and Geist, the band has proven to unite a fierce and frantic live show with an excellent playing performance. The word Emmeleya derives from the greek word “Emmeleia” (Greek ἐμμέλεια) meaning “gracefulness” or “harmonization” which also is the name for the dignified dance of tragedy in ancient greek theater. It also is a song written by the band “Dead Can Dance” (released on LP “Into the Labyrinth”).
In early 2012 they released their debut Album "Opium Vision" to rumor (...) Mehr anzeigen the underground and gained serveral noticable reviews in the scene. Weniger anzeigen


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