Post-Punk/Gothic/Industrial aus Jena, seit 2015


Label und Management: Morales Recordings


Somehow it seems hard for me to define my influences, as they are so manifold. But then again it is quite easy. All started with Depeche Mode, and their mixture of electronic and analog music is an inspiration for me until this very day. They had better and not so good releases, but they always evolved and paved a way from obscure beginnings of electronic music into the heart of the mainstream.
Somewhat similar are Paradise Lost, constantly evolving, not standing still. They also pulled of the neat feat that all there releases have a certain enclosed quality. This skill I still have to master ...
My second great love, besides Depeche Mode, has been Faith No More, they opened up my world and mind quite a bit, as their newly obtained "Crossover" Label (back in 1989 as "the real thing" has be (...) Mehr anzeigenen released) gave them a certain "no-holds-barred" approach and everything was possible, and every song could differ very much from the next one on a single album. This somehow spelled "Freedom" for me, and let me know that it is fine to not get boxed in into certain confinements of a style. It spelled "Freedom" to try out things and not be concerned of it all fits a narrow moniker someone else would like to slap on it.
Another freedom Band has been Tocotronic. I love their lo fi approach, at least present on their first three releases. As I hail from Punk and Gothic, I really liked their simplicity, catchiness and yes, boldness to stand their ground. As the Ramones famously said ones:"if we would have waited to play gigs until we were good, we would have never played". Just listen to the "MEGALMODAS" releases and you can hear that I took their advice to heart ;)
Here a few more honourable mentions of influential bands: Alphaville, Kraftwerk, Ministry, KMFDM, Rammstein, Trio, Falco ... Weniger anzeigen


Tobias Walter

Sänger, Producer, Texter, Komponist, Bandleader, Songwriter, Keyboarder, Schlagzeuger, Bassist, Gitarrist, Soundtechniker


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