klingt wie Model Kaos aus Würzburg, seit 2011


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Model Kaos has a sound which has been described as gothic future pop. The band formed in 2011 and spent their first year writing music and defining their sound. The release of their first single ‘Love Is Murderous’ in November 2011 launched the band into the worldwide gothic radio spotlight. The single quickly spread to countries like America, South Africa, Mexico, U.K, Canada, Russia, and Indonesia. The band quickly released their second single ‘The More’ which rode the same wave of success as the first single. Model Kaos has been featured in German magazines ZILLO, ORKUS and SONIC SEDUCER. They finished recording their first full release in February 2012, which was released on Danse Macabre records in May 2012. The bands live show is a combination of dark lights, fog, visual k (...) Mehr anzeigenaos, and its signature dark electro gothic sound. The Album has reached big attention worldwide allready on Radiostations, Podcasts and DJs. GHOST MARKET hit number 8 on german alternative charts. MODEL KAOS has been „artist of the month“ at Dark Horizons Radio, and number 1 on DEADAIRRADIO.COM. The Band is played on many Radiostations and gets featured by Organisationen like OnAirRadio (Scotland), Gothicworld (Italy), OnsloughtRadio (Australia), Vampireradio(U.S.), Dark Horizons (U.S.)
In Oktober 2012 MODEL KAOS released their third single "If This Is Heaven" and got huge attention and airplays on many radiostations and podcasts, worldwide.
In January 2013 Alex M.Kintner had to leave the band, and new singer KRIS joined the band in June, bringing a new, more 80ties like sound to the music.
S.E.Rotwang decided to leave the band to work on his solo-projects.
KRIS, K.A. and K.G. are working on their new single "DREAMS", which will be released on 27, September 2013 ON ITUNES, AMAZON, AND OTHERS
Since November 2017 Kai Iggi Vincenz Nemeth is the new singer and brings new power and sounds to us.
In january 2019 we will release the new single "Liars" and in august 2019 will we present our new EP"LIARS" and start the tour ...we will see you...more comes soon.. Weniger anzeigen


Kevin Grellmann

Schlagzeuger, Synthesizerspieler, Producer, Komponist, Bandleader


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