Simon Öller

Musiker, Gitarrist, Sänger, Bassist aus Linz
Gitarrist bei Anderwelt, Gitarrist, Sänger bei Leinoel und Gitarrist bei In Slumber


Simon '7on' Öller was born in 1978, grew up in a musicansfamily in upper austria. So he started to make music very early. His older brother Paul showed him how to play and learn guitar, bass and piano. Clarinet and Saxophone he studied in music school. When Simon was 10 he started a band with Paul in which they played covers and later they began to compose songs for themselves. At this time Simons little brother Alex (Drums, 9 years old) and cousin Robert (Keyboard, bass, guitar) joined the band. A few concerts followed with their self-created style - Rock with dialect lyrics. At the same time they played folk music to earn money for their instruments and equipment. In Sept. 1993 Simon, Robert and Cunzla found „Olemus“. The musical direction was gothic-metal, later they changed into Dark M (...) Mehr anzeigenetal with electronic elements. When Simon moved to Linz to live with his girlfriend and to work with people with special needs, he learned to know new friends – of course in the musical way as well.
Simon is involved in several projects with some of these friends now:
Anderwelt (dark ambient, post metal, d-beat),
Olemus (dark metal),
In Slumber (melodic death metal),
7on's Rastgarden (ambient, Meditation),
Valentine's Kiss (melodramatic pop song),
and with members of his family:
Leinöl (alpine world music). Weniger anzeigen



dark ambient dark core doom post metal aus Hofkirchen im Mühlkreis


Neue Volksmusik mit Afro Beat, Latin, Funk, Rock-Einflüssen aus Julbach

In Slumber

Melodic Death Metal aus Linz


Dark Metal - Alternative aus Linz

7on's Rastgarden

Meditative Musik mit Akkustikgitarre, Percussion und einem Schuß Electronics aus Gramastetten

Valentine's Kiss

Alternative/Independent aus Linz

Schecter Hellraiser
Fender Telecaster
Engl Savage 120
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