HK Hardkoar

Experienced Singer/Shouter is looking for established band -

darmstadt darmstadt

Anzeige von HK Hardkoar (Sänger bei In Dying Lights), veröffentlicht am 12. November 2019


Rubrik: Sänger sucht Band
Genre: Metal
Anspruch: Ambitioniert, Semiprofessionell, Hauptberuf
Skill: Sehr erfahren, Profi
Songmaterial: nicht vorhanden
Proberaum: nicht vorhanden


Hello everyone! I am a Death/Deathcore/Metalcore singer from America/Italy, I currently live in Germany and I am looking for a band. I have many years of experience and many live concerts on my shoulders. I am looking for an ambitious ad established band with a hungry mind and live prospects.
I am the lead singer of the bands :
In Dying Lights : facebook.com/inDyingLights
Dieversity : facebook.com/Dieversity
My latest work :
Live : youtube.com...h?v=Cvc-LMxO93g
My vocal range goes from clean singing to screaming, growls, pig squeals, gutturales , tunnel throat.
I am interested in both party/cover bands with over 15gigs per year or Metal bands.
I am not interested i (...) Mehr anzeigenn Power metal bands, or 90's heavy metal bands, generally anywhere the singer needs to sound like he just squashed his balls is a no go for me ;) .
Hit me up, here or on facebook I'm easy to talk to .
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Musikalischer Werdegang

Hello everyone! I am a Death/Deathcore/Metalcore singer, I am American/Italian and I live in Germany.
Check out my bands - Dieversity and In Dying Lights!


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