In Dying Lights

Melodic DeathMetal/Deathcore aus Darmstadt, seit 2015



''' We are often compared to bands such as Killswitch Engage , As I lay Dying , Parkway Drive etc. What we think is that if all those bands got together and had a baby that would be us! '''
Where do we come from?
In Dying Lights was born in 2015, HK had just arrived in Germany and found Biondo on a local add! It was love at first sight, Biondo was our drummer and shortly after Felix joined the band, the last of our purchases was Timon! We went through 2017 with this lineup but sadly Ivan and Felix had to drop out of the band to persue different careers, that's when Pascal and Conny joined as Lead guitar and Bassis!
Wow, that was a mouthfull...
What are we doing right now?
I'm writing this bio! Jokes apart , we just got done recording our new single - Welcome to the Slaughterhouse and filme (...) Mehr anzeigend a Music video for it, which btw we are super proud about and its killing it on the view counts! With that out of the way we are planning the entire 2018 on playing as many live shows as our bodies can handle and delivering our - Album - , but yea, live live live.
Who is who in the band?
HK = Lead singer, songwriter and booking manager.
Pascal = Lead guitar player
Timon = Rythm guitar player
Felix = Drums/Keys
Conny = Bass and Backing vocals
How can we contact you and stay up to date with events and live shows?
We support social media in every way, we love being in contact with the entire world and have fans all over the world!! We use Facebook for everything but we will introduce other methods of communication . For now you can find everything about us at this url : facebook.com/inDyingLights
Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
On stage, breaking our neck with the crowd just like we do now!! Weniger anzeigen


HK Hardkoar



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