Nino Helfrich

Instrumental Metal, Progressive Metal, Shred aus Hamburg, seit 2016


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Hockey goalies truly are a breed of their own. Being individuals in a team sport, they are often labeled as weird and quirky. A special nature that worked well for Nino Helfrich, not only in sports but also in music. After dropping the hockey stick and picking up the guitar, Nino Helfrich reached a high technical level, thus playing only for five years.
The release of his instrumental debut album Dead Bodies In Motion marked the beginning of his solo career in 2016, after playing as a touring guitarist all over Germany.With his technical yet melodic instrumental music he’s in good company. Helfrich worked with US based guitar virtuoso Angel Vivaldi who contributed a guest solo to the album as well.
On his second album 'Hourglass' Helfrich worked with several guest-singers including Björn S (...) Mehr anzeigentrid of Soilwork, Chris Clancy of Mutiny Within and Wearing Scars, as well as Christoph Wieczorek of Annisokay. 'Hourglass' will be out on September 1st 2017. Weniger anzeigen


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