EvilMrSod & The Pale Ryders

Boogie Punk aus Berlin, seit 2010


We are EvilMrSod & The Pale Ryders and we play Rock'N'Roll. - EvilMrSod & The Pale Ryders play simply Rock'N'Roll, drawing most of our inspiration from '70s hard rock,with elements of punk rock, country and blues thrown in for variety.That's it. Three chords and lots of fun. We like to keep it simple.

  1. The Future (The Future, 2013)Kommentar
  2. Born In A Cab (The Future, 2013)Kommentar
  3. Kids Don't Know How To Boogie Anymore (Kids Don't Know How To Boogie Anymore, 2012)Kommentar
  4. Congratulations (And Tons Of Desperation) (Kids Don't Know How To Boogie Anymore, 2012)Kommentar

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