Pia Peru

Psychedelic Noise Rock aus Stuttgart, seit 2013



Pia Peru is a young musician and composer from Stuttgart, Germany. 
In January 2014 she started with an Acoustic Project PIA PERU, where she became a regional musician. The most significant about this project is its genre: Progressive Storytelling, in which the story takes the leading part.
In september 2014, she created the project MOTHERBEAST. The idea was to combine filmmusic with psychedelic Rock and Punk. The project recorded an album "Return of the Stone Giants" that was released in september 2015. Link to the album: piaperu.bandcamp.com
In december 2014, she founded with a friend the recordlabel BLUE PARASOL RECORDS. Their first release will be "Return of the Stone Giants" by her project Motherbeast. For more information go to: blueparasolrecords.com


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