Real Keepers

Hardcore, Reggae, Metal aus Geisenheim, seit 2007



BIOGRAPHIE (english)
Bobo Niyah aka. Jah Sesco and Wallet are the two founder members of this band. Already in 1998, they jointly added the music to a "Smint" (Chupa Chups) television commercial. Thereafter, Wallet concentrated on his engineering studies, which he completed successfully in 2002. After obtaining his degree, Wallet devoted himself to studio production again. Within one year, he had planned, built and equipped his new sound studio (SAV-Media). Meanwhile Sesco had attended to his own music projects. Amongst other things, he had produced the video clip "No Secrets", which was screened on MTV and VIVA, together with Cappuccino. In 2002, he became a member of the "Riddim-Wize-Crew" with regular gigs at the O-25 in Frankfurt/Main. Three times already he formed part of the line-up (...) Mehr anzeigenof the Summer Jam in Cologne. In 2006 he released his solo album "Keepin’ it Real" by Cesbeatz Productions. Bob Niyah's second solo album "The Observer" was released in January 2010.

In late summer 2006, Wallet and Sesco decided to join their creativity again with Wallet contributing his rock music roots and Jah Sesco his roots and reggae influences. REAL KEEPERS were set out to be a live band. After several line up changes (drummer and bass player) the present line up seems to be the best and most solid ever. Real Keepers offer
international music flavour. They are spreading fat Reggae-vibes and grooving beats combined with metal riffs hard as bone. RK aim to sweep along many people with this unique crossover, particularly during their live performances.


Febuary 29th 2008, the first EP "Blazing di Fiyah", produced by the SAV-Media studios, was released and distributed by Newstyle Records. In the same year the band was touring. In december 2008 four remixes of the "blazing di fiyah"-EP were released on the same label. Several local DJ's reinterpreted RK's songs. Buy it "now"! You can purchase it online via amazon, iTunes, Musicload...!


"crocodile mentality" EP will be recorded and released november 2012...and the band will be touring again


Bobo Niyah (vocals) .. Walter Stobbe (guitarz, vox) .. Sándor Hum (drums).. Ralf Brehmer(bass) Weniger anzeigen





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