Retina Crude

bluesy, funky alternative-rock aus Lich, seit 2012



Retina Crude is a rockband of outstanding versatility, yet their sound remains raw and honest.
Their songs range from chunky hard-rock riffs to sensitive melodies. Their love for musical improvisation makes every concert of the band a unique experience!
The typical lineup of a rockband is completed by polyphonic vocals and sometimes accompanied by intricate piano-motifs.
Their accurate songwriting and an intensive live-show are at the core of Retina Crude's unforgettable signature-stamp.
In April 2017, the band's first album "Please Turn Around" was released.
"Before You Even Know" - their second Studio-Album - was released in March 2018.
Available on iTunes, Spotify, amazon music and Google Play.


Jonas Noll

Gitarrist, Producer, Komponist, Songwriter, Pianist, Sänger

Johannes Schlüter

Sänger, Gitarrist, Bassist

  1. The Inner Cage Snippet.mp3 (Before You Even Know, )Kommentar
  2. 03 - Thanks.mp3 (Before You Even Know, )Kommentar
  3. 02 Have You Ever Been Down.mp3 (Please Turn Around, )Kommentar
  4. 01 Free Yourself.mp3 (Please Turn Around, )Kommentar

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