Save Today

Post-Hardcore, Metalcore aus Bamberg, seit 2008



Save Today


Bamberg (GER)

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“...it's save today's ep "there is a world outside". they offer melodic and modern hardcore with a favour for rock music moments and catchy hooklines. ...” Simon H. (WFAHM)

"Amazing melodies, tough mosh and loads of passion... Save Today is without any doubt one of the bands one should keep an eye on, they might be on the international map faster than you think!" (Chris / Let it Burn Records & The Blackout Argument)

Originally intended as a playground for our affinity for Post-Hardcore, we started Save Today as a Screamo setup. After playing the first shows, we released our DIY EP “A lifelong decade”, six tracks of asskicking music made in Bamberg. December 2008, our long (...) Mehr anzeigentime friend and singer Peter decided to leave the band to have more time for his wife and children (as if...), so former guitarist Björn took over the mic.

Since then, Save Today's style has transformed more and more into a Melodic Hardcore artillery shell, not reinventing the wheel, but definitely adding a special touch to it. As a statement for our development, we hit the Ghost City Recordings studio and producer Jan K (well, we did not really hit him) in spring 2009, finding the perfect producer to catch our energetic mixture of fast and melodic rock riffing and hardcore elements as heavy as fuck. Having shared the stage with Save Today on our homegrown “Your Local Is A Hero Festival”, War From A Harlots Mouth's axeswinger Simon H could be won over to master our EP and we can proudly say that we're really pleased with the work.

So share your opinion of our new EP “There Is A World Outside”, crank up your stereo and start a moshpit in your living room! Weniger anzeigen


Björn Sydow


  1. Overcome (The Architect, 2011)Kommentar
  2. Halfways And Could-Have-Beens (The Architect, 2011)Kommentar
  3. We Are Responsible (There Is A World Outside EP, 2009)Kommentar

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