Scream Of The Butterfly

Rock / Hard Rock / Grunge / 70s Rock aus Berlin, seit 2016



Berlin heavy rockers SCREAM OF THE BUTTERFLY work a tinge of grunge into their forward rhythmic fuzz & hammond driven music, influenced by the sound that exploded in the sixties and spread its wings in the seventies. The solid power of massive riffs topped with melodic hooks and a distinctly modern rock-vocal style deliver an energetic stage performance combined with a road trip feeling.

SOTB's debut record "Ignition" was released 2017 via Burning Wax Productions. The band has toured 5 countries in 2018 and is recording its second LP which will be released in 2020.

„Instead of getting lost in the boring and repetitive tropes that so often define this genre SCREAM OF THE BUTTERFLY turn it on its head with powerful songwriting that can't help but to enthrall.“ - TWO GUY METAL REVIEW

„a ho (...) Mehr anzeigenmmage to a time when rock had found its feed was beginning to stretch its wings“ - FIREWORKS MAGAZINE Weniger anzeigen


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