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In the year 2010 the band began their history, formed by Lenny Terron on the vocals/guitar, Henry Terron on the lead guitar, Guiller Terron on the drums and Traci Klinger on the bass. Trying to get prominence in the scene they were at, the band has always struggled to do their work on an independent way.
Around one year later, in 2011, they released their first demo, entitled Holocaus Riot, and after many gigs in Brazil, next year they decided to take another step further: in 2012 they were moving to Europe, along two friends, the youngest Terron brother, and Traci's cousin.
The first country where they disembarked was Spain. The band arrives there with very few resources, and, after three months, on a struggle for survival, they even had to sell their own instruments.
With all the finance (...) Mehr anzeigen difficulties and the lack of any stability, the bassist Traci Klinger decided moving back to Brazil, leaving the place to their younger brother, Mey Terron, who had been with them through the highs and lows during those last 2 years.
After a big destabilization and with no other way out, the four brothers are forced to live on the streets of Madrid.
Past 2 months living on the streets, the band manages to buy an old guitar, and start getting a little stability from playing music on the streets and in the subway of the city. Eating in charity centers to save some money, they then rented a small room and managed enough money to start recording a new EP (that never got to be released).
After eight months obtaining good popularity in the streets of Madrid, the four brothers along the friend Sonny Klinger, they manage to attract everyday hundreds of people with those unusual concerts on the street, and get to make some new contacts.
With the help of a manager who found them on one of those street gigs, the band then gets to play a handful of concerts and to record two EPs in Poland: "Silent Harm Over Time" and "Crazy System". In the year 2014, after releasing these EPs, they decide it's time to move out of Madrid. Making their way through cities like Barcelona, Paris and Frankfurt, and always earning their money with playing on the streets, they eventually make it to their final destination, Berlin.
But when they get there, there's yet again the difficulty of starting from point zero. After living and playing their gigs two more months on the streets, they manage to buy an old trailer, where they lived for a while. In that same period, they enter a recording studio one more time, this time to record the acoustic EP, called "Acoustic S.H.O.T.".
All in all, six months after their arrival in Berlin, they saved enough cash to start their own small studio, where they recorded their EP "Watchdogs". It is then that the oldest brother, Guiller Terron, decides to leave the band, to form his own project with the friend Sonny Klinger.
With Guiller out of the band, and for the first time counting on only 3 members, they make a big change on the lineup: Lenny still on the vocals/guitar, Henry on the bass, and Mey on the drums. With that new formation they record on their studio their newest EP, entitled "BRN FCK".
Since Geraint has joined the band they have taken their music in a different direction. Rather than playing straight and fast all the time they have choosen to add more genres into the mix. Now you will find elements of not just punk and hardcore but also more traditional metal as well as new metal and even rock and roll. The band are not turning their back on their older material but are just evolving as musicians and are now more capable of playing more intricate styles. Over the winter of 2016/17 the band have been working on all new material that they have been releasing sporadically over the course of 2017. Their new album will be out in Oct 2017 and the band have since started playing shows again around Berlin showcasing their new material as well as playing their older songs.

To be continued... Weniger anzeigen


Henry Terron


  1. Before I Die Kommentar
    Track auf Soundcloud
  2. This is Our War (New Version) Kommentar
  3. Sinners (BRN FCK, 2016)Kommentar
  4. Angels (BRN FCK, 2016)Kommentar
  5. Silent Harm Over Time (Silent Harm Over Time, 2014)Kommentar
  6. I´m Still Alive (Silent Harm Over Time, 2014)Kommentar
  7. Who are you Kommentar
  8. Hey Mama! (Acoustic S.H.O.T., 2015)Kommentar
  9. Watchogs (Watchdogs, 2015)Kommentar
  10. Make Yourself a Criminal (BRN FCK, 2016)Kommentar
  11. Spring Melody (Acoustic Drum Version) (Acoustic S.H.O.T., 2015)Kommentar
  12. Down (BRN FCK, 2016)Kommentar
  13. Scream And Jump (BRN FCK, 2016)Kommentar
  14. I Wanna Be Alone (BRN FCK, 2016)Kommentar
  15. Love N Hate (Watchdogs, 2015)Kommentar
  16. Believe in Me (Acoustic S.H.O.T., 2015)Kommentar
  17. Spring Melody (Acoustic S.H.O.T., 2015)Kommentar
  18. Give it Up (Acoustic S.H.O.T., 2015)Kommentar
  19. Scream Loud (Watchdogs, 2015)Kommentar
  20. (You Make my) Heart Screaming (Watchdogs, 2015)Kommentar
  21. Livin´ on Desire (Silent Harm Over Time, 2014)Kommentar
  22. Suffocation (Silent Harm Over Time, 2014)Kommentar
  23. Sick Side (Crazy System, 2014)Kommentar
  24. Baby Tonight (Crazy System, 2014)Kommentar
  25. A Song For Our Dreams (Crazy System, 2014)Kommentar
  26. Believe in Me (Crazy System, 2014)Kommentar

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