The Red Box

Acoustic Rock aus Berlin, seit 2015



It was the year 2012, in Brazil, when the four Terron brothers - Henry, Lenny, Guiller and Mey, alongside the Klinger cousins Sonny and Traci, after playing many local gigs with their bands at the time, with the highlight of their self-organized festival GREEN VALLEY SLEAZE CAMP, decided they needed to take it one step further. With their local rock scene not being enough, what else could they think of, but packing their stuff and instruments to move to Europe.

So it was in the month of August on the same year when the 6 guys arrived in Madrid, Spain. First step was to travel around and get familiar with their newly found grounds, and of course, start showing the world what they were here for - rock and rolling! The stage? That place were everything in life takes shape and happens, the st (...) Mehr anzeigenreets! Weapons of choice? Acoustic instruments!

After a couple months of hard work and hard living, making street music and sleeping on their clothes anywhere it was possible, the 6 guys army went one friend short, when bassist Traci Klinger had to move back to Brazil, leaving the place to the younger Terron brother, Mey. Things were getting hard on the brink of their first european winter, but none of that was enough to stop them.

The year 2013 had arrived, but things didn't change much to the boys, who were now very familiar with their new country. But it still wasn't enough. On the summer of the same year, the Terron brothers, who were still playing as well on their metal band S.H.O.T., got invited to live and record for some months in Poland, spliting up for some time with guitarist Sonny Klinger.

But things just find their ways when they are meant to be, and so it was that they reunited back in Madrid later on the same year. Things had changed a bit, as every one of them were more experienced. And circumstances change as well, when they realised that it was time to take yet another step further. Rumours that their style and music would have a bigger impact on a bigger city finally took them to Berlin, Germany!

It didn't happen all at the same time for everyone, but it was on the spring of 2015 when the 5 boys were again reunited, and this time on a more promising place for them! The name THE RED BOX had still not come into existence, but the spirits were high, and things were taking a stronger and more real shape. With all of them, besides playing together on the streets, working as well on their different projects, having Lenny, Henry and Mey still rocking with S.H.O.T., while Guiller and Sonny were doing the same with their band SARNA.

After a memorable year of 2015, on the month of April 2016, younger brother Mey also had to move back to Brazil. Yet again their street band was reduced in numbers, the 4 boys remaining decided they had to take another big step. We're now talking about the birth of THE RED BOX. Yes, this long-going project finally had a name. And just as quick was their work on a new identity of music, using elements each of them had learned and in the past 4 years living of their music.

So it was on the 1st of July 2016, after years of street music, sleeping on the streets, getting high on life, and living their dream, that the 4 brazilian boys, now under the name of THE RED BOX, released their first EP, consisting of 5 songs. After touring around Germany, playing on the street and on the stages with an Acoustic Rock setup, they started to see the light and the line of work they had to keep doing.

The first EP release was very successful, as it was very well received, on both physical material and digital platforms. But it was still just the beginning. Very focused now, after just a couple months, and many hours of composing and recording, it was time for another release, with yet more rock n' roll to give to the world.

On the 27th of January 2017, all that work start giving even more fruits, as they were releasing their first album, entitled THE BOYS WILL BE ALRIGHT. It consisted of some of the previously acoustic recorded songs from the first EP, plus another set of electric and some new and old songs. That was another victory for the boys, as that new album was even better received, whilst having a growing fans and friends base.

After that release, they were still focused on creating more music, as well as playing more and more gigs, and bigger ones, such as the worldwide band competition Emergenza. Things were paying off those 5 years of very hard work, as they also released some live, studio live, and official music videos.

We're now talking about the current times. THE RED BOX has worked their way starting from zero, leaving Brazil, then Spain, to arrive in Germany and realise that was just the beginning. Many things have happened, many people were touched by their music, many audio and video recordings, while many other things are still yet to happen!
All in all, one thing is certain: the boys are here to rock and roll!

"We're very grateful to all the people who supported us all this way, to everyone who came and left with us a piece of their heart. We are on the road, but you, our friends and fans are the ones who help us make it real!

Many thanks to all the dirty boys and girls around the world! You guys rock!" Weniger anzeigen


Henry Terron



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