Punkrock, Rock, Crossover aus Hückelhoven, seit 2016


SHREDDERS consists of:
Blixa on bass guitar:
First steps into music happend in the mid-80s, when he bought his first bass guitar to doodle along to his youth anthems. In 1987 he founded the Deutschpunkband Büdchen Boys in cooperation with a bunch of beerfriends. Three years later Ebonite Bullets, who were more into Hardcore Punk, arose out of the ashes of Büdchen Boys. In 1994 Ebonite Bullets crumbled to dust. Betty and the Blokes signed him on bass in 1995, the band broke a year later when the drummer passed away. Blixa had to take a major break of making music after that, instead he was forced to rotating shiftwork for the following 15 years. He became a rich old man in the meantime, but he's still able to strum a four string paddle.
HaPe on guitar:
HaPe also played in a couple of bands (...) Mehr anzeigenbefore SHREDDERS, he handled the guitar for The Blowjobs, a punkband from Aachen, from 1999 til 2003. Then they changed the rhythm section and they became the Nazi Dogs, 77 styled punkrock. He recorded the first two albums and a couple of 7inches with them. In 2008 he quit the NDs to push forward his project "Absorbers", they played a few shows and recorded some stuff, but they split up in 2014 after the singer quit due to health issues.
Sasch Rock also on guitar:
Sasch Rock has been playing the guitar in a handful of bands since 1992, namely Bloody Unrest, Paces in Exile, Broke, Document 6 and Warzilla. Currently he is also playing axe in the rapcore band SAME from Heinsberg.
Mäx on drums:
Mäx's first band was called The Daisy Chains. They existed in the very early 90ies and never left the practice room. His 2nd band was called Fatburner, that must have been around 2005.
Mäx left the band in spring 2017.
Herr Dose, our new Drummer:
Dose was also a member of Büdchen Boys and Ebonite Bullets.
Then he played for a few more years with Supersoma. After them, he take a break for a cupple of years.
Becci on vocals:
SHREDDERS is Becci's first appearance as a singer in a band ever. Before SHREDDERS she performed on several events like weddings and birthdays as a singer of top 40 chart stuff. In 2009 her first release was GALA-Freed from Desire, remixed by Becci. You can find this on a couple of party-compilations.
Once upon a time...
The birth of the band SHREDDERS was more or less initialized by the beloved signoras of HaPe and Blixa. In summer 2015 they ran into each other at MuBu in Aachen, the Adicts were playing. The ladies had a couple of brews together and decided their masters should try making music in Blixa's basement. And so they did. HaPe asked his old friend Mäx to join on drums. This trio constituted the fundament for the band, back then they started to write the songs Shredders still play today, without vocals at that time.
It didn't take long and Sasch Rock showed up in the rock bottom practice room. He borrowed a guitar and an amplifier from Angela upstairs, Blixa's wife, and jammed with the boys. The sound immidiately got richer and new options opened up. He didn't attend each practice from then on, but he joined in frequently and somehow became a permanent member of this nameless bunch of nerds.
Half a year and rough drafts for 10+ songs later the first singer was found. The line up was complete! They took their sketches and filled half of them with vocals, they became real Punk'n'Roll tunes finally. The name SHREDDERS was found and they started to feel like a real band . But..
The singer decided to quit, from hero to zero, bam. Searching for a vocalist started again. The weeks went by, a few hot contenders showed up, but none of them seemed to fit, it was frustrating and it almost looked like the end of the band. But one day in summer 2016 Sasch Rock saw his acquaintance Becci on the sidewalk across the street and he yelled: "Hey. You can sing, right?". And she shouted back: "Yo!"
All said and done, a few days later she showed up in the practice room. A bit nervous but completely motivated she sang her first tunes along to a cover that had been prepared. There was no doubt, she was able to close the gap the first singer had left behind. The songs got rearranged to suite to female vocals in no time and the song "Distraught Love" found its way to a hard disc recording, a video shooting in the practice room followed.
Currently SHREDDERS are getting ready to hit the stage, watch out! Weniger anzeigen


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