SKYGRASS CLUB + Workshop TOUR 2014

Skygrass is a metahpor that speaks for the universal principle of onenes. As it is above, so it is below, the heaven and the earth, the black and the white, the roots reggae and the high energy rock or dancehall music exist in one devine symphony. aus Kingston, seit 2003


When three young men decided to combine their musical talents, thus formed the core of the greater movement
to be known as Skygrass.

Simon, Suane and Rasheed found their unique sound to be rooted in the heavily drum and bass influenced rhythms
of reggae music, while sky-bound with the high flying energy of rock guitar; punctuated by the street flavoured lyrical
delivery of Jamaican dancehall. Simon---referred to as a “Vocally potent lead singer”, by Andre Frater of the
Jamaica Gleaner, and a “Lyrical genius” by Craig Parks of KeepLeft Records, leads each performance with his
passionate delivery on vocals and rhythm guitar. While Rasheed--son of Jamaican master classical guitarist Norman
McCallum-- energizes each set with with his Dub-Rock Prowess; accompanied by Suane--a natural drummer, (...) Mehr anzeigendubbed
“A monster on the drums”, by Wayne Armond of the legendary reggae band Chalice.

Based in Kingston Jamaica, the band plays a key role in the re-surgence of live music among Kingston's
youth. Giving critically acclaimed performances at various venues, including the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival
Talent Stage 2010, which ushered in their return to the festival the following year as they opened the main stage
for Maroon 5.

In a time when the majority of the islands music has for the most part, conformed to a genre related formula,
often tainted by negative messages. Skygrass dares to be different. With performances that are engaging,
entertaining and appeal to a wide audience do to their clever lyrics and high energy instrumentation. The band
delivers a dynamic set of original songs that strike a chord with new audiences as well as loyal fans Weniger anzeigen


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