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There's something about Stromberg. Must be the way they blend al their influences together to create a very unique and tasty sound. For example, there are a lot of ska-influenced parts in the music, without ever feeling like ska. Stromberg makes it rock the way The Police transformed it into authentic pop tunes. It already could be heard on their first demo, which was recorded a few months after the three musicians got together for the first time, and it can be heard again on their full length debut 'Carte Blanche for Chaos', released through German underground label Gorilla Music. But it's not just the spirit of Sting & co. that can be heard on this album. There's a lot of noise too, like Helmet in low gear with a transparent production, and an occasional outburst of stoner. And then -tow (...) Mehr anzeigenards the end- there's that funny, up-beat tune with the equally funny title 'As She Splashed Through The Streets'. As if they're trying to say: "please take us serious, but don't overdo it". And I won't. But the fact remains that this -seriously- is great music with that certain something I can't put my finger on. Why it is that Stromberg -despite the influences they mention themselves- can't be compared to any band I've heard before. Is it the distinctive voice of Johansson, that requires some adjustment at first, but adds a lot of extras once you get acquainted with it? Is it the variety, the way the pace changes throughout the record, the subtle arrangement of the songs, the melodic, almost emo-like foundation of most tunes, the tension, the timing, the way it all builds up to that outburst of emotion at times you least expect it? As I said, I can't put my finger on it. But one thing I can tell for sure: 'Carte Blanche for Chaos' is an outstanding debut and Stromberg is pretty close to bridging the gap between firm alternative rock and mainstream allure.

thx to Ronny for this review. Weniger anzeigen


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