Rodent Waste

Stoner/Doom aus Gießen, seit 2018


We are Rodent Waste, a three-man psychedelic stoner/doom band, based in Gießen. The band is an ongoing exploration of mood, structure and texture. We're not sure what that means, but practically, it sounds like Depression's fourth glass of a Three Berry Daiquiri-binge, or LSD's morning after. As if that is not schizophrenic enough, our collective unconscious more often than not has a foundation in grunge, as a result of which our lyrics are filled with despair, despite our generally rosy outlook on life (we're fine, really).
All three of us are from North-Western Europe, although one of us is from west of the border (Holland). The other two, incidentally both called Jonas (we are honestly not making this up), are German. Of course, all three of us come with our own personal psychological d (...) Mehr anzeigenisorders. See us live, and we'll tell you all about them!
Van - dr, voc
Biebz - g, back-voc
Wolf - b, back-voc Weniger anzeigen





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