Tiffany for Breakfast

Deathcore / Technical Death Metal aus Erfurt, seit 2013


The band Tiffany for Breakfast was founded by guitarist Patrick Nitzsche and singer Nicolas Carl in May 2013 in Erfurt, who have worked together beforehand.
Everything started as an internet project. They wrote their first songs, recorded them at home and shared them on social media. Drummer Hendrick Jakob and another guitarist Steve Uttenweiler joined the band in 2014 who've also worked together previously. Soon joined the band started playing Deathcore with influences from Death Metal, Black Metal and Djent.
In January 2015, they published their first selfmade EP “Eat your Enemies” and played their first gigs in the area of Erfurt. Doing that, they increased their fan base in Thuringia. This year Tiffany for Breakfast had their first Gigs with international successful bands like Cliteate (...) Mehr anzeigenr. Meanwhile Max Sauerbier joined the band as the latest member playing the bass. Before joining the band, Max was active in the genre Stoner Rock.
Due to more concerts in 2016 in Leipzig they were able to increase their fan base. This was also the time when they played together with bands like Black Tongue which is not only their main inspiration but also well known in the metal world.
In fall 2016 drummer Hendrick Jakob decided to quit due to time issues and guitarist Phillip Vogel took his spot and started playing the drums.
Since 2017 the band had multiple gigs in major German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig. In addition, they published the first song “Rapist Punishment” from their album “Welcome the Scum” which is going to be released in July 2018. Weniger anzeigen


Steve Uttenweiler


Max Sauerbier


  1. Thoughts Of A Murderer (Eat Your Enemies, 2015)Kommentar

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