The New Colossus

Postrock/Postmetal aus München, seit 2014



In early 2014 a new post-rock group inspired by the poem on the Statue of Liberty was formed. “The New Colossus” started their journey to life the liberty of music far off the current mainstream of rock and pop music. They want to bring an experience of feeling the music.
After half a year of song writting and night-long jam sessions “The New Colossus” gave their live debut in late 2014. Since then many shows more followed in venues like Backstage (Munich), Heimat (Regensburg) or Ampere (Munich). Their first EP “Apoxia” was published in January 2016.
Since August 2017 “The New Colossus” is on a purely instrumental setting representing their new, even more spheric and post-rock like sound. This new sound experiment was firstly published on the “Rapid Eye Movement” demo in January 2018. (...) Mehr anzeigen Weniger anzeigen


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