The Replacement Killers

Maximum CountryPunk // Shy 'n Humble aus Königswinter, seit 1998


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Picture this: Königswinter – 1998 – two guys with one mission: rewrite history of music.
Matteo Villa (vocals, guitar) and Rolf W. Becker (drums, no vocals) two talented musicians with fury, force and ego committed themselves to become the most revolutionary band ever seen.

Started successfully with cover songs from Johnny Cash, The Clash, The Who, Billy Bragg, Kris Kristofferson and “the man who took Berlin“: Leonard Cohen.

Had a flash and recorded their debut album in Nashville (TN).

From there on

They messed up British punk-rock together with finest southern country music into a new style: #MaximumCountryPunk and started writing original songs.

With more than 400 shows and the pure energy of rock’n’roll the two give all their blood, sweat and tears to their fans.
No matt (...) Mehr anzeigener if acoustic arrangements or full plugged sets at festivals or small clubs, the ever growing crowd is overwhelmed with their full wall of sound.

Mr. Cool and Mr. Beat are celebrating 20 Years of #MaximumCountryPunk.
Come and join this unique experience! Weniger anzeigen


Matteo Villa

Sänger, Gitarrist, Songwriter, Bandleader


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