The Bordells

High Energy Dirty Rock n Roll aus Wiesbaden, seit 2001



Back in 2001 the five long forgotten sons of Elvis, Keith Richards, Ace Frehley, Lemmy and Animal met in a night club. Not able to make a living by decent work they sold their father`s souls for cheap booze, women and a couple of second hand instruments. After plodding along as a backgroundband in run down striptease bars, they became aware of their one and only talent: High Energy Rock`n`Roll!!! They instantly went to their rehearsal room and recorded their first full length album "Selected Fine Rock`n`Roll Music" in 36 hours. Without taking a break they hit the road and played constantly wild, furious, action filled and legendary shows with bands like: Adam West, Gluecifer, Nine Pound Hammer, Psychopunch, The Bones, The V8 Wankers, The Cellophane Suckers, Lord Bishop, The Chuck Norris Ex (...) Mehr anzeigenperiment, Blackberry Smoke etc.. Years after eating truckloads of shit, recording another two albums ( "Down & Out"; "III" ) and lots of burnt down stages, this is your chance to hear and probably see one of the best rock`n`roll bands, germany has to offer! Weniger anzeigen


Christian Stucki

Gitarrist, Sänger


Schlagzeuger, Percussionist


Bassist, Sänger


Sänger, Gitarrist

  1. Rock n Roll Kommentar
  2. Road Unplugged Kommentar
  3. Glanzzeit Kommentar
  4. "Wild Romance" Live GMZ 2007 Kommentar
  5. Fingerlickin Live GMZ Kommentar
  6. Back to Hell (III, 2005)Kommentar
  7. Sad Song (III, 2005)Kommentar
  8. Fuckers (III, 2005)Kommentar
  9. No Doubt (III, 2005)Kommentar
  10. Bad Scorpion (Selected Fine Rock n Roll Music, 2002)Kommentar
  11. Outside Kommentar
  12. Road (Down & Out, 2004)Kommentar
  13. Still Young (Down & Out, 2004)Kommentar
  14. A Dollar And A Half (Selected Fine Rock n Roll Music, 2002)Kommentar
  15. As Long As (Down & Out, 2004)Kommentar
  16. Goddamn (Selected Fine Rock n Roll Music, 2002)Kommentar

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