The Recalls

Britpop Garage 60s Beat psychedellic Rock and Roll aus Berlin, seit 2013



Press Info The Recalls
The Recalls are an Geman-Chilean band formed in Stuttgart in 2011, consisting of lead vocalist and guitars Jonathan Neira , guitarist and keyboard Julius Haager, bassist Javier Neira and drummer and percussionist Mathias Fisel. Their music has been classified as garage rock and Beat Mod revival.The band have released this year a studio album: “Wait for the sun“ on Moonshake Records and Time For Action Ltd released …..
The Recalls started as a side project. Two guys from Stuttgart decided to act out their desire for garage music on a new name, recalling their inspiration: Rickenbacker guitars and Vox Amplficication. At the beginning they were only messing around, but the moment they presented their creation to an audience the first time, the Recalls wanted more. Joini (...) Mehr anzeigenng legendary Tav Falco and the Panther Burns on a tour around Germany including Munich's number one venue Atomic Café, the response by the audience was motivation enough to get serious.
In 2013 the Recalls went to Hamburg to Yeah Yeah Yeah Studios to record first takes for a debut album, which will be released on Frankfurt's Time for Action Records in April 2014 including tracks that cover stomping tunes and psychedelic trips on an VOX Continental '71.
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Jonathan Neira

Sänger, Gitarrist


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