Punk / Alternative-Punk/ PopPunk aus Hamburg, seit 2014



If you ask their friends they say it’s loud, melodic, an aesthetic rollercoaster of emotions, an acupuncture, a massage for the ears.
But what are they even talking about?
It’s Thrashkat’s new self-titled EP.

Five years after the release of their second EP and a period of rehearsing, hiatuses,p erforming and reinvention, the northern German 5 piece Emo/Poppunk group finally released their first professionally produced EP.
With their well thought out mix of 2000s punk guitar work and Dannys vocals excel now more than ever with their up front abrasive and emotional quality. The addition of the newest Member Bendiks dramatically improved the melodic songwriting qualities of the group which really shines through on this release. The group seems to have found their sound after years of experi (...) Mehr anzeigenmenting with influences from all over the alternative music scene settling on a mix between classic Poppunk melodies and some passages that even fans of post-hardcore acts like Touché Amoré or early Title Fight will definitely appreciate.
Emotional rawness and catchy melodies are the main ingredients to Thrashkat’s self-titled EP that you don’t want to miss. Weniger anzeigen


Ben Arndt


Ben Arndt



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