The Burning Years

High energy pop punk / post hardcore electro rock band with metal influences aus Hamburg, seit 2010


When the band first met in a practice room in early 2010 their passion for music quickly turned into some great bunch of tunes. Their love and aspiration for modern punk rock, blended with pop and a squeeze of hardcore laid the ground for their catchy songs surrounded by metal riffs und topped with electronical gimmicks. After having sessions with various other musicians the band finally decided to go ahead as a three-piece.
Hamburg based band The Burning Years kept on following music together in the same line-up since the very beginning, while their journey saw break periods and uncertainty of continuation. However, the drive and creativity to write and track new material and the joy to stand aside on stage continuously brought the band together again to last.
After quite some time passin (...) Mehr anzeigeng by without any new tracks they dropped the EP Six Sells in 2018. Singalongs like “Off To You” and post-hardcore themes like “Heading Up To Nowhere” lay the distinct foundation of their unique sound.
With their new single “Superhero” released in April 2019 The Burning Years reveal yet another dark side of their musical bandwidth. A new EP is scheduled to be out before summer, including new material as well as rerecording’s of their first ever originated songs, such as “Go Astray” and “Hey Hey”, the songs that still give a major contribution to recent setlists played in their energetic shows. Weniger anzeigen


Carl Beddermann


David Rankenhohn


Steffen Rothe

Sänger, Gitarrist


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