To Cut A Slice

Hardcore, Metalcore aus Krölpa, seit 2008



Established in 2008, "To Cut A Slice" from Thuringia / Germany quickly took their first steps within the hardcore scene. After some differences in the band and some changes in the line-up, "To Cut A Slice" fast found back into what their life is, MAKING MUSIC! In march 2011 "To Cut A Slice" release their EP debut “Seriously, Honestly And Still Brute”. The album will be recorded in the well known Rape Of Harmonies Studios in Triptis. The Band shared the stage with acts like "We Butter The Bread With Butter", "Nasty", "Narziss", "The Destiny Program", "Forever It Shall Be" and many other bigger names in the scene. In april 2011 "To Cut A Slice" are going to play their first shows in abroad on their United-Kingdom-Tour. In june 2011 the second BAM IN YOUR FACE FEST will take place. This from (...) Mehr anzeigenthe band self organized outdoor festival had a great start with many people, good weather and 9 bands from all genres. Stay hardcore and spread the word. Weniger anzeigen


Maik Steinbrücker

Schlagzeuger, Sänger

  1. Way To Fail (Seriously, Honestly And Still Brute, 2011)Kommentar
  2. To Cut A Slice (Seriously, Honestly And Still Brute, 2011)Kommentar

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