Melodic Death / Black Metal aus Neudrossenfeld, seit 2007



Felix Wolfrum – Vocals, Guitar (Founder)
Michael Z. - Guitar (2019 - present)
Marvin Arneth – Bass (2019 – present)
Florian Lübbe – Drums ( 2018 – present)
URSCHREI was founded 2007 in Berg (Germany) by Felix Wolfrum (Vocals, Guitar), Andreas
Scholze (Drums) and Philipp Scholze (Bass). At this time the Band was strongly influenced by the
upcoming pagan wave. Shortly after the launch they recorded their first demo “HEIDENZORN” at
their local rehearsal room. The demo was limited to 500 copies and it doesn’t take long until the
disc was sold out. In the middle of 2009 the band split up because there were various musical differences about thefuture of the band. After a few months later Felix refunded the band as a solo project and began with song writing for their first long player. At 2011 Mi (...) Mehr anzeigenchael Eibisch (Drums) entered the band and together they went to TRITONE STUDIOS (Hof, Germany) where they recorded (May ’12) the first full length album “DEKADENZ”. The album was released at September 20th of 2013 and was
limited to 1000 copies. The band becomes more influenced by post-apocalyptic themes and the
connection to nature. Shortly after Marvin Arneth (Guitar) become part of the band he enriched the music with much more power. Unfortunately Michael leaves URSCHREI in 2014 because lack of time. This should be the beginning of various line-up changes until 2018. In the beginning of 2018 Florian Lübbe fills the empty slot on drums. At that time URSCHREI works for the second album and want to become more live present at 2019.

For more information and booking please write us: urschrei@mailbox.org“ Weniger anzeigen


Flo Urschrei



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