Utter Silence

Atmosphärischer Death-/Doom Metal aus Wuppertal, seit 2016



Walking through a misty, shadowed forest opening up to a wide clearing allowing to rest for a while and take a glimps on the eternal reach of the starfilled sky, holding your breath to ecperience the overwhelming atmosphere of this one intense moment in which you are right in the center of your own emotional universe, you find yourself surounded by nothing but...utter silence!
Utter Silence was founded in 2016 bringing together the two creative minds of Hagen (vocals and lyrics) and Ron (guitars and musical composing). Shattered emotions reaching from deepest depression, anger and frustation to moments of high hopes and personal deliverance build up the foundation for both music and lyrics.
Out of this very special mood Utter Silence creates powerful songs including flowing melodies of uni (...) Mehr anzeigenque beauty and deeply sensed lyrics.
Dwelling somewhere in between the aggression of melodic death metal and the heavieness of modern doom metal, Utter Silence is highly recommend if you love the masters of dark depression and slowly devastating agression such as My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Saturnus or Doom VS but also enjoy the enchanting melodies and powerful, catchy rhythms of Amorphis, Edge of Sanity or Belakor.
All songs are currently in an early stage, being recorded, arranged and edited during bedroom and kitchen sessions at home. We didn't want to loose the special moment of creation of each song, so we thought it would be okay to share the songs with you even at this early stage.
We hope you enjoy our music!
Thanks for every like and every share!
We appreciate knowing you on the dark side of music!
Spread the silence! Weniger anzeigen


Leonard Kemenani



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