Valeria Frattini

Italienischer Folkpop aus Berlin, seit 2010



Valeria Frattini is an Italian Singer and Songwriter living in Berlin. As half German and half Italian and with time spent abroad in the US, her music has a sound that combines all these pieces of the world - with Italian lyrics.
Her brand new EP "Tinta Blu" brought some changes deriving from her development, personally and musically. A mix of Singer/Songwriter, 60ies/retro, chanson and a notable amount of edge will define her new path.
Valeria Frattini and her band started in 2010 in Hamburg, Germany. They played several concerts and recorded the album „di lato“ in 2012 in Hanover. For more inspiration, for the attraction and love for traveling and to go back to her roots, Valeria Frattini moved to Rome. After playing and writing in Rome, she was driven to Berlin - the city of creativity (...) Mehr anzeigenand the pulse of this time. Great changes made room for many songs. A first glimpse to that was the live recording EP „tra roma and berlin“ (2015). But since then, Valeria Frattini has been writing further and further. Weniger anzeigen


Valeria Piepenbrock

Sängerin, Gitarristin, Pianistin, Melodicaspielerin, Songwriterin


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