Modern Metalcore aus Darmstadt, seit 2016



Modern metalcore Made in Germany

Impale is groovy riffs, melodic guitars, heavy breakdowns and aggressive vocals combined with an energetic live show. In an era of heavy bands getting softer, Impale is hailing the driving sound of riffing guitars and hard-hitting drums.
FFO: Fit For A King, Wage War, Aviana

Metalcore quintet Impale was founded in 2016 when the band started writing music that’s combining groovy metalcore riffs with melodic choruses and heavy breakdowns. The band accompanies their massive tracks with deep lyrics about self-doubt and criticism of western society originating from the members personal experiences.

In early 2019 Aaron and Ben joined the band for the bass and rhythm guitar position. The current line up is Tobias (Guitar), Ben (Guitar), Aaron (Bass) und Ch (...) Mehr anzeigenristian (Drums).

The band's single release „Ghøst“ reflects their typical songwriting and hit over 20.000 listens on each YouTube & Spotify so far. In 2019 the quintet released their newest singles "Between the lines" and "Valley of Tears" which represent once again their own definition of modern metalcore. Impale already shared the stage with the likes of Aviana (SWE), Strains (BE), Awake The Dreamer (SWE), The Oklahoma Kid (DE), Griever (UK) and Skywalker (CZ). Weniger anzeigen


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