Deathcore aus Darmstadt, seit 2016



„This band has managed quite turbulent times.“ When guitarist Tobi and drummer Chris founded IMPALE in 2016, the five-piece from Southern Hessia was full of energy and ambition. After releasing several singles, playing shows with bands such as Aviana, Strains, The Oklahoma Kid and other genre heroes IMPALE established themselves with their modern sound of metalcore that soon built on 8000 monthly Spotify listeners. With a change in bandmembers, the band’s sound evolved, which leads to heavier spheres on the band’s newest single “Obsession”. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, is the premise of this logical step after five years of being a band. With newfound heaviness IMPALE now process their past and its recoils. Within the last year, the intrinsic motivation grew and IMPALE set i (...) Mehr anzeigent all free in form of an EP.
“We’re incredibly proud!”, says Tobi. “With our new lineup, we finally managed to go into a new direction, musically, and write songs that we all identify with for 100%.” In between aggressive beats, brute vocals and the heaviest of breakdowns that IMPALE ever wrote, they still keep their metalcore parts, which reflects in groovy, even djenty sections. The songwriting now enthrones on the creative output of Tobi and Ben, whose new material captivated their own band members fascination quickly. The band furthermore confides on the creative communication of all members, which shows the perfect harmonization of each individual member, which is stronger than ever before.
“Genesis” delivers a good roundabout of IMPALE’s prosperous future. Heavy deathcore that will make crowds move (“Obsession”) commences the band’s debut EP. This heaviness is projected on groovy riffings and criticism on our modern-day society (“Parasite”), as well as driving riffs and dystopian mindsets, as on “Genesis”. Still, the band relies on their roots. Especially “Crystallized”, a song that was finished together with Callum Howle (Griever) in 2019, keeps this spirit. Tobi comments. “Callum is a perfect fit on this track. No one could have done it better!”
But there’s also some experimentation audible in the new sound of IMPALE. The EP closes with “Anxiety” – a dense and depressive song that reveals elements of black and death metal with crushing slam breaks and melodic guitar soloing. “It perfectly reflects the downward spiral of hate, anger and violence”, as singer Lukas adds. These feelings dominate the brute sound of all five songs and show IMPALE in their roughest shape to date. As guitarist Ben states:
“This EP is our way to set free. It is a jump upon walls and boundaries of any genre. We created music that we wanted to hear ourselves.”
Additionally, he describes the songwriting of this EP as an organic and natural process that was based on guts and a feeling of intrinsic optimism and satisfaction. In future, this approach creates a strong foundation of IMPALE's musical integrity and confident self-esteem that make us curious about which musical vision will be revealed. The musicians prove that no crisis will ever crash the band’s commitment or their plans. Instead, they will only grow with any setback coming up. This force, as well as the release of “Obsession” starts a completely new chapter that culminates all strengths of IMPALE and show them in their best and rawest shape to date - their early energy and ambition still present. On top of that, it’s bigger than ever before and moreover promises an exciting future, as Tobi adds in conclusion.
“We just set the foundation for a new musical era of this band. Watch and become a part of how we work on creating a monument, brick by brick.” Weniger anzeigen


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