Zound X

Experimental hard rock with integrated electro mixes aus Berlin, seit 2014



2014: First Foundation
2015: First Songs
2016: Bomb The Bass
2017: Foxy Voxes
2018: Hit The Stage!
2019: Move On...
+++ new berlin based formation +++ experimental hard rock with integrated electro mixes +++ when christian hempel (dr) and stefan koch (gt), coming from different backgrounds of music, decided to form a new band, the focus was on creativity regarding style and sound rather than satisfying conventional preferences and patterns +++ after completing the formation with michael metzner (bs) and serena sontag (vc) the phase went from experimenting to the creation of the unique sound of ZOUND X +++ now we are ready to hit the stage! +++ we were able to convince the artist sebastian bieniek to do our first photo shooting. We are always searching for the extraordinary, so we wanted to (...) Mehr anzeigen have somebody inspiring with his own visions and ideas +++ art and music should be constant developments by themselves rather than being only directed by success and commerce +++ with our songs we try to express our personal experiences and our opinions about society, culture and politics +++ Weniger anzeigen


Serena Sontag



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