AeoS, von Aeon (griech. Ewigkeit), verfolgen mit ihrer Musik eine klare Philosophie: Genregrenzen sprengen, emotional aufladen und mit technischer Raffinesse musikalisch virtuos umsetzen. aus Wiesbaden, seit 2008



AeoS are one of the best-known progressive metal bands in the Rhine-Main area. The band from Wiesbaden-Taunusstein has recorded their debut album "Dead End Paradise" in 2013/2014, following several line-up changes. AeoS perform a breathtaking mix of genres, ranging from classic, jazz and metal with a typical progressive rock cast (v, g, b, d, k). AeoS, from Aeon (greek: eternity) and Symphony, pursue a clear philosophy with their music: move beyond genre boundaries, charge it emotionally and play with musical virtuosity and technical sophistication.

Founding and first demo

AeoS was founded in the summer of 2008 by Justin Hombach (g) and Julian Styles (b). Malte Schmidt (d), Nicolas Emig (k) and Jakob Ghasemian (v) completed the line-up shortly thereafter. The group quickly gathered ideas (...) Mehr anzeigen for their first demo. After initial live performances in the summer of 2009, AeoS took their material to the Taunusstein-based "Drum Works Studios" and recorded their first demo “AeoS”, which was produced by Frederik Ehmke (Blind Guardian).

Line-up changes and recording of "Dead End Paradise"

Following the release of “AeoS”, the group constantly worked on new material. Due to changes in the line-up, AeoS started recording their full-length debut album instrumentally. In the course of the recording process at the Liquid Aether Studio in Schleiden and under the direction of Mario Dahmen in March 2014, frontman and singer Norman Dahlmanns completed the band’s line-up.

Leaving of Norman and "Memories of a Dead Man EP"

After the release of the first full-length album "Dead End Paradise" time went by and Norman and the band decided to go different ways. It was just not fitting right.

Due to the booking plans of the band they had to find a replacement for Norman since 4 weeks after the split-up 2 shows were planned. The former vocalist Jakob decided to help out so the shows didn't have to be cancelled.
During this time everyone realised how good Jakob was performing within the group and how his singing has evolved over the years.
A few conversations later everything was set clear an Jakob rejoined the band in late 2015.
By now AeoS has recorded a full EP of round about 40 minutes playtime and plans are set to record the vocals in spring 2016 so the CD can be relaesed this year. Weniger anzeigen


Julian Styles


Justin Hombach


  1. Akureyri Tears pt. I (Dead End Paradise, 2014)Kommentar
  2. Akureyri Tears pt. II (Dead End Paradise, 2014)Kommentar

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