Punk mixed with a dash of Country and Folk aus St. John (CAN) / Toronto (CAN) / Regensburg (GER), seit 2012


Label: Push Your Luck DIY

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AIRS & GRACES hail from Germany and Canada. Born in mid-2012 after Big Ar, Two Hands, AyMo and El Capitán decided to leave their former band and start a band, which right from the get-go intended to be the most energetic, raucous and also shantyish PUNK BAND around.
AIRS & GRACES’ mixture of shantyish, folky tunes and punkrock plus a dash of country creates an awesome medley of melodies, chants and sing-a-longs that make every audience sway back and forth!
AIRS & GRACES’ are well-known for their boundless enthusiasm, infectious energy and supreme devotion to fans and music.
Fuelled by an insatiable longing to entertain, AIRS & GRACES are truly at home in front of any audience, regardless of size or venue. Whether playing monumental rock clubs, festivals, or more intimate events, AIRS & GRA (...) Mehr anzeigenCES rise to the occasion.
El Capitano - Lead Vox / Mandolin
Big Ar - Guitars / Vox
Ay Mo - Guitars / Mandolin / Tenor Banjo / Vox
Two Hands - Accordion / Tin whistles / Vox
Mr. Kern - Drums / Vox
Asche- Bass / Vox Weniger anzeigen



Bassist, Mandolinespieler, Banjospieler, Sänger


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