Askers Dodge

Heavy-Indie aus Berlin, seit 2017



Britain, France Italy and Ecuador, an alliance of nationalities which have come together to give Berlin its newest reason to tear the walls down. Askers Dodge is a blistering 4-piece indie band from Berlin, kindling shades of Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and Black Sabbath. Shows are frequent and energetic, full of witty lyrics, thick guitar and emotional theatre. All held up by a dancey rhythmic engine room, Askers Dodge is capable of turning every night into a Saturday night.
Askers Dodge have a history on the local Berlin rock scene, a favourite of the concert series Basement Bash, they’ve played notable shows all over the city. Supporting L.A. band Sextile, American punks Surfbort and amongst local favourites such as Ponte Pilas, the group have an eclectic track record. Havin (...) Mehr anzeigeng played a tour in the south of the UK in March 2019, the tightly wound group are looking to expand even further with sights set on the summer. Weniger anzeigen


Greg Thompson



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