Pimped progressive Dance Pop aus Köln, seit 2016


Management/Booking: mybandmachine@gmail.com


We play progressive electro Dance-Pop.
For years we have been successful in different formations and as a single musician, now we play together and pretty well. From the classic disco sound of the 80s to progressive to dance pop sounds, everyone is represented.
The original #bandmachine sound is a mix of Soul, Funk, Disco Soul, Jazz, Funk and Dance. Sonetimes in a song you find a crossover of styles incl. a bit of classic arrangements. We love to play live and audiences enjoy our music.
#bandmachine is: driving grooves, fantastic vocals and great sax. It’s as Theater & Movie just like a set from a Tim Burton movie. Therefore we work with professional visual artist like Pamela Puga so it like as an amazing experience.
Press: With the band BANDMACHINE from Cologne things got bizarre in the c (...) Mehr anzeigenlub. The sound of this band can also be described badly with a single style, because this band had sound of everything with something on board. In addition, the saxophone voice - they have us picked up in another dimension. Also noteworthy was the well thought-out outfit of this band, matching the sound mix. #bandmachine's songs will pimp you into an other dimension realy. Our music movies are recorded mainly in Germany, GB and USA. Great musican like Thomas C. Brueck (Synths and Composing), Martha Potempa (Vocals) and guests are #bandmachine.
Now the band is much more better and bigger than before. Big people, a small big budget and big fun are recorded to our movies and music. In addition #bandmachine works with amazing international top guests as Durga McBroom(Vocals), Suzi Lane(Vocals), Margarita Nagel (Dance Performance) and other guests to perform our international shows.
If you want to joyn us, please send a message to mybandmachine@gmail.com Weniger anzeigen


Thomas C. Brueck

Synthesizerspieler, Komponist, Producer, Soundtechniker

Martha Maria Potempa

Sängerin, Songwriterin, Pianistin


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