Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock aus Halle (Saale), seit 2014

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Ein seit 2014 aktives Prog-Projekt aus Halle (Saale). Das erste Album wird gerade geschrieben und orientiert sich an Konzeptalben von Bands wie Haken, Dream Theater oder Steven Wilson. Alle Mitglieder sind passionierte Musiker die eine Menge Enthusiasmus, Talent und Witz in unserer Band vereinen.

Started in mid-2014, after a number of line-up changes and several instances of relocating, what was later to be known as the progressive project D'Astray finally started to take form in 2015. The band's influences reach all across the musical spectrum but are primarily aligned in the progressive genres with influences from newcomer Haken, old-time pioneers Dream Theater and Opeth in the mix, to name a few. Songwriting had already commenced in late 2014 but was further focussed and refined throug (...) Mehr anzeigenhout 2015 with a minor appearance at a local festival in Halle being the first instance of D'Astray being taken on stage. Throughout the writing process, the first collection of songs gradually moved towards a concept album both musically as well as in lyrics. All members are enthusiasts on their instruments, to say the least, and dedicated dreamers who have gathered quite a bit of experience in projects like Molllust, Moon to Ocean and Barren Moor. It is about time they let their musical journey begin... Weniger anzeigen


Pat Fox

Sänger, Gitarrist, Songwriter, Komponist, Texter, Producer


Bassist, Songwriter


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