Dawn of Revenge

modern thrash metal aus Heilbronn, seit 2010



Emerging from the aspiring metal scene of South Germany, Dawn of Revenge is an aggressive modern metal band holding high the banner for their hometown Heilbronn.
Their music tells the story of a man who lost everything and is now on a mission for revenge.
Being constantly reminded of his pain while striving for vengeance at the same time results in an everlasting conflict of his own feelings which is reflected in the emotionally charged music of Dawn of Revenge.
Combining heavy rhythms with emotional melodies to illustrate the struggle of broken existences and todays society is what makes them unique to most others, but yet genre-wise comparable to bands like Trivium, Bullet for my Valentine or Machine Head.

Being founded in 2011, Dawn of Revenge released their first Demo EP „Souleater“ w (...) Mehr anzeigenhich was recorded at Maranis Studios in Backnang at the end of 2012.
Here they already showed their musical potential by fusing a variety of different genres like metalcore or thrash/death metal together to create something special.
Their first release subsequently led to shows with genre giants like Sonic Syndicate, The Sorrow, Walking Dead on Broadway and festival appearances like Sunstorm Open Air or Phönix Festival.
Additionally the regional semifinal of the Emergenza Contest at the well known Substage venue in Karlsruhe could be reached.

Now, after years of searching for the right band cast and further developing of their specific sound they show that they are ready to roll by refounding the band at the end of 2019 with a new release already in the making. Weniger anzeigen


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