Eaten by the Moment

PunkRock/Alternative-Metal aus München, seit 2012


How it all happened.....
In the end of 2012, just before apocalypse, there was formed a new crazy, nasty, young band in munich germany.
The members in this time, Lena Davis, Jool and Ms. ZZ Rock have been ambitious, loud and ready to take over the world.
The only problem was,
the band had no name, let alone a drummer. That was as hard as getting a "bj" by a sunset strip hooker for free, because the band wanted to be a kick ass girl punkrock band, but munich and it's environment was totaly ran out of all cool dirty drum chicks with skills.

Some disappointing experience later and cause of an upcoming concert, the band was seeking for a helping out drummer and got Tina (alias Till). Tina, a nasty, hyperactive (typical) drummer fit perfectly to the band and so he remained.
So the band has nev (...) Mehr anzeigener been so productive before. After all, some months later Michélle (alias Michael) joined Eaten by the Moment and made the sound complied.
These days Eaten by the Moment isn't a "girl band" anymore, but still ready to take over the world by a loud, nasty and decadent way! Weniger anzeigen


Miss ZZ-Rock



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