Unclouded Perception [aufgelöst]

Modern Metal aus Augsburg, 2009 bis 2020

Label: Wormholedeath


UNCLOUDED PERCEPTION stands for authentic Modern Metal made in Germany that doesn’t only kick ass but also encourages thinking about life.
Bone-breaking riffs merged with marrow-rocking vocals and energetic performances are the trademarks of the band. Completed through melodic guitar play, thoughtful lyrics or epic rock ballads, the five guys from Augsburg offer a widespread spectrum of sound to the listener. From Mosh pit storms to neck pain and creeps – those who don’t know Unclouded Perception yet shouldn’t miss a chance.
The inception of Unclouded Perception took place in Aichach (Germany) June 2009, as a set of five musicians decided to put together their very own interpretation of Metal.
Rushing up the local scene, winning contests, getting in the papers on various occasions, the (...) Mehr anzeigenir name was slowly but steadily growing. While playing various gigs, they never stopped to create new material, redefining their style from song to song like sharpening a musical sword.
Cutting deeper and deeper, their self-released EP “Hitting The Stage” quickly passed the borders of Germany after its release in December 2014. Requests for the physical version from the U.S.A., Ireland, Hungary, Turkey, Australia, Greece, Vietnam etc. showed the band that there’s potential in what they’re doing, motivating them for more.
After being contacted by the producer Wahoomi Corvi from Realsound Studio, Italy, plans were made to record a full-length album. Many thoughts and rehearsals later, the band presented its completed songs and concept for the album “Districts”, which eventually led to a record deal with the Italian label Wormholedeath.
When all was set, Unclouded not only went to Parma, Italy to give it all on their evolved Modern Metal, but with a mission – Recording a multi-facetted album where daily life, feelings, harsh events and thoughts are transferred to a musical approach. After succeeding their recording-mission, they worked with an international team to ensure that all things concerning the album would fit their message and ideas perfectly.
By the end of 2018, “Districts” will finally be released through the label Wormholedeath, giving a big and welcomed musical beating to all the old and new fans to come! Weniger anzeigen


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