melodischer Power Metal aus Willstätt, seit 2007



Power Metal, melodic, fast and epic, combined with lyrics based on a far away world of fantasy - that is what you get with Evertale.
Martin Schumacher as the driving force on the drums, Marco Bächle, who builds up the needed foundation with his bass, the precise riffing of Matthias Graf or the insane and virtuos play of Matthias Holzapfel on Lead guitar - these guys know their craft.
In addition to that the powerful vocals of singer Matthias Graf and songs that bear the potential of becoming metal classics, contribute to the fact, that Evertale do not have to hide from established bands in this genre - rather the opposite is the case.
In fall/winter 2013 Evertale will release their debut "Of Dragons And Elves", a conceptalbum based upon "The Chronicles of the Dragonlance" and are going to (...) Mehr anzeigenpresent their music live extensively. Weniger anzeigen


Marco Wuschel



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