Post Black Metal aus Essen, seit 2007


Label: Hypnotic Dirge Records


FRIGORIS is a post black metal band rooted in the heart of the ruhr-area, Germany. The combination between Black Metal riffing and craftsmanship as well as a postmodern approach towards atmosphere and lyrics form a synthesis that results in long, atmospheric but melodious songs. The isolation and depression in modern society, the beauty of nature and a last pure shimmer of hope left are all tropes you can feel and read in the tracks. The trampled and narrow paths of Black Metal are left behind to find a new identity at the end of Parnassus.
A mixture of the best elements of previous releases and the continuous exploration of new grounds led to the formation of the fourth album “…in Stille” (…in silence). Even more integration of Doom and Post elements as on “Nur ein Moment…” are combined w (...) Mehr anzeigenith the more dense and focused writing style that was present on “Wind” which form the current peak of the forth going growth of FRIGORIS. To give the eight tracks with a playtime of more than one hour the best possible sound the album was recorded with Pascal Gehrke and Tobias Danneck (Eis, Infesting Swarm), was mixed by Jan van Berlekom (Schattenschmiede Studio, Waldgeflüster) and mastered by Jonas “Tord” Lindström (Ereb Altor). In the same session additional three songs were recorded which were mastered by Markus Stock (Klangschmiede Studio E, Empyrium and more) and will be released in a Split at the end of 2018. Weniger anzeigen


Dominik Winter

Sänger, Gitarrist


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