GASOLINE / Matthias "Matthew" Weisheit

Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter - wide stylistic range - music from the guts! aus Los Angeles, seit 1993



>>>Matthias recently signed a Music Licensing Agreement with a Production Company/Music Library in the U.S. - with clients such as the 'Discovery Channel' (part of the internal catalog), 'MTV Network', 'A&E Network' and film credits such as 'American Gangster' and 'The Bourne Ultimatium'.<<<

"I am here for networking in the music and songwriting business, to meet 'high caliber' people who know what they want and who they are. People who have something to say, who have a message!"

The new recording session for the 2004-2006 project "JUST ANOTHER DAY - IT'S JUST ANOTHER NIGHT" is launched. There won't be much daylight!

>>> For the LATEST NEWS, more Tracks, more Info on The Songwriter, The Guitar Player etc. - which you might NOT find HERE please check:“www.GASOLINE-Music.com”.< (...) Mehr anzeigen;<<

MATTHIAS WEISHEIT – GUITARIST/SINGER/SONGWRITER – head of GASOLINE … worked on his project “Just Another Day – It’s Just Another Night” for almost 2 years. Filtering out ideas and finished writing and demoing 24 new Songs with a wide dynamic range from straight Country Roots Rock to Slow Dark Ballads, Heavy Rockers, Jazzy Bar-Stompers, Acoustic Folk and Atmospheric Psychedelic Creations – all in the range of 3 to 15 minutes in length. ...Follwed by another set of songs. Different, harder, shorter and direct. Some kind of “…Dirt”. With a lot of different songs and instrumentals from his back catalog and some other concepts in mind we write the year 2011, ready to write some more. Not only in the Gasoline background, a project he focused on for years, with solo acoustic gigs, a 6-piece blowing band which he split up in August 2004 and is ready to restart, first as a trio. …seeking: label/publishing, management, booking (solo acoustic at the moment) and is currently looking for the right bass player and drummer.

THROUGHOUT all these music and living experience his main goal first of all is to create songs which deal with real life and reality in any kind of way. The use of different imageries and living characters in his lyrics are undouptly a big part of his songwriting: The creation of moving, visionary pictures in the listeners eyes with only one voice and one accompanying instrument, but then supported through his guitar technique within a proper arrangement, as well as for his instrumental compositions. For Matthias it is the POWER OF THE SONG that makes the STRONGEST MUSICAL STATEMENT!


MATTHIAS is a graduate of the G.I.T. (Musicians Institute) Los Angeles and a versatile guitar player and songwriter in a lot of different styles … wrote, produced songs for other projects, was nominated for different song contest in categories like song, composition, best guitar player, hard & heavy, rock song, lyrics etc. and delivered the best song of each participating country to the Song Expo - Benelux Song & Culture Festival 2 times in a row. …seeking: label/publishing, management, booking (solo acoustic at the moment) and is currently looking for the right bass players and drummer. …as a sideman/guitar player seeking: working/touring band, musicals, song placements, (artist, TV, film, videogame), studio work (US). As a guitar- & music teacher: an international position (US).

Matthias is also writing Jingles, Orchestral Scores and Music for TV / Movies, Videogames & Websites, music to exisiting lyrics or lyrics to music - in all kinds of styles. More on Gasoline-Music.com (Services Songwriter).

OTHER PROJECTS >>> TWITCH ANGRY (Sacramento, CA - USA): Matthias was playing Lead-Guitar with Sacramentos Twitch Angry (Punk/Metal - Dirtbag Rec.) at the MONSTERFEST in MERCED, CA (USA) on Oct. 2nd 2010, 8:00 pm, main hall! 30 Bands, 6 stages. Headliner: Lynch Mob (w/George Lynch). It turned out to be a Double Show, the 2nd concert was quickly scheduled in the STAR CLUB the night before, also for Oct. 2nd around 11:45 pm - after the MONSTERFEST show. During the days after the concerts the was some more working/writing/arranging & recording on 2 new songs (demos) for further business. ... STAY TUNED !

OTHER PROJECTS >>> SYRIA >>> "A GIFT FROM CULTURE. Expanded & Re-Mastered" is scheduled for release on Dec. 17. 2010. It will be a double CD (37 tracks) with the original album remastered and selected songs from "Neverland Things" and "Voodoo Highway", demos, rough-mixes and some live-cuts from the "A Gift From Culture - Tour 1996". You Tube: A new video of "Amsterdam I (45-degrees Version)" from "yesterday with logical visitors - best of 1993-2000" is available for viewing right HERE! CDs: "yesterday with logical visitors - best of 1993-2000" (remastered re-release 2009), double-album-CD, 33 tracks, total running time: 156'20'', 36 page booklet, contains 7 tracks where Matthias was involved in as a songwriter/musician/producer etc. & "not a nice party. a collection", 4-CD-BOX, contains 15 tracks where Matthias was involved in as a songwriter/musician/producer etc.. >>> From 1995 until the end of 1997 Matthias was part of the world music project "Syria" (Experimental / Electro / Psychedelic / Wave / Gothic) as a songwriter, co-writer, producer/engineer and guitar-/bass player. Two CDs, "A Gift From Culture" (album-CD) and "Voodoo Highway" (E.P.-CD) were released on Sounds Of Delight/SPV in Europe, promoted with a club-tour throughout Germany. In 2007 he was asked to play some new guitar tracks to an old song and to write and record music to new lyrics for an up coming CD-release. The result was the composition "A.Lincoln, Simulacrum", part of a 4-CD-Box called >>> "Not A Nice Party. A Collection", 76 tracks total, over 312 minutes of music and 2 booklets with 24 & 32 pages and liner-notes. Released: 2008-Feb-04 (Black October-Records/2000 Mascara Colours/Manufaktur Distribution). For details/purchase of both works go & check: GASOLINE-MUSIC.com (20 plus some... song examples available for listening, songs where Matthias was involved in plus some other SYRIA material from the 4-CD-Box-Set), virb.com/manufaktur (purchase), virb.com/syria & myspace.com/syria2005

OTHER PROJECTS >>> Matthias Weisheit is the founder and head of the Jazz/Fusion Ensemble "MONTREUX CONNECTION" (est. Feb. 2008) of the municipal music school where he's teaching. The ensemble consists of some of the top students. In the repertoire: Some Real Book standards like - Blue Bossa, Autumn Leaves, All The Things You Are, The Girl From Ipanema, Stella By Starlight, 500 Miles High, Tune Up etc. ... turning into some Fusion classics...Revelation (Robben Ford) and original compositions of Matthias ("Swing Low On A High Wire") and the students.
"1st-Price-Award-Winner" in the categories Band & Drummer of a County Music Contest (Music Schools/Savings Bank)in May 2009. More on Gasoline-Music.com .

IN A WORLD we did not create, but on the way to walk right through it and ... let the heart do the talking, the soul do the driving ... ... don’t go on the thumb - hit the gas! While there is life there is hope!


"... country picking, electric guitar, slide work is impressive here... those tight licks a the end of the section are excellent..." (West Slide Story 3) - (Taxi)
"... good band sound...reminds me of Wilco... that's a good thing.. . Uptempo feel and overall energy stand out..." (ROAD) - (Taxi)
"... this could be one of Dylan's backup bands... good spirit ..." (Westward Bound electric/instr.) - (Taxi)
"... a strong aggressive track ... well played, recorded & executed ..." (Get It Straight Heavy Punk) - (Taxi)

"... love the guitar part - thoughtful and memorable. You have a great voice as well ... Lots of potential here..."
"... good feel for this traditional country blues, roots style ..." (Red Lights) - (Taxi)

"... it brings to mind Mark Knopfler and Dave Edmunds, but sounds very original ..." (Taxi)
"... these songs are well crafted/performed ..." (Taxi)
" ... very visual lyrics - vocal reminds me of Tom Waits ..." (Waiting For The Summer) - (Taxi)
"... loved the guitar work. Very cool solo, sounds like 'Chet Atkins'. The Vocal has a lot of character ..." (Highway 1) - (Taxi)
"... this is a well performed cut, with excellent musicianship ..." (My Teeth On Edge) - (Taxi)

"... the band 'cookes' and you've got a really nice anthem-styled melody - more like Springsteen than country ...", ...
"... some great imagery here ..." (Greyhound Station) - (Taxi)

"... Singer- and Songwriter Project 'Gasoline' of Matthias Weisheit ... with acoustic guitar, harmonica and a powerful voice ..." (HNA Germany)
" ... the track sounds great, esp. gtrs. Good imagery ... " (Eat My Dust) - (Taxi)
" ... cool guitar figures ... " (I Built My Life Around Rock 'n' Roll) - (Taxi)
" ... guitar work is excellent ... " (Settle Down) - (Taxi)

" ... Top local band thrilled the audience last Friday night ... full guitar sounds and intense vocals ... the guitars are perfectly arranged and play tight together, with a full sound and clear rhythmic accents. As well as the guitars are sounding together, the voices of Weisheit and van Nek complement one another..."
(FZ press - Germany)

" ... Gasoline around frontman Matthias Weisheit presented strong original compositions ... nice and refreshing compared against almost everything you get to hear on the radio these days, besides that in good arrangements..." (FZ press - Germany) Weniger anzeigen


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