Halls Of Oblivion

Melodic Death / Black Metal aus Vaihingen/ Enz, seit 2014

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Halls of Oblivion is a melodic death/black metal band from the sleepy town Vaihingen/Enz in Southern Germany. The band emphasizes on harmonic guitar riffing, catchy melodies and the creation of a dark and melancholic atmosphere. These elements are combined with typical death metal trademarks such as fast and aggressive riffing or blastbeats, albeit the music is often at a slower pace and consequently lies beyond the beaten track of the melodic death metal genre.
Even though the actual band started in 2014, the project Halls of Oblivion already exists since around 2008 and was initially formed by Sebastian Ruf (vocals, guitar) and Marcel Welte (bass), aiming for a slow death/doom metal style. At that time, the project was seen as a side project to other bands and thus mainly concerned about (...) Mehr anzeigen recordings. Not long after, Markus Kristen replaced Marcel Welte on bass, with Welte becoming the new lead guitarist. Additionally, Markus Weber joined as a drummer. Within the next few years, rehearsing was mostly not possible due to physical distance. Nonetheless, a few songs were written by Welte and Ruf just then. Songwriting and recordings were carried out through virtual teamwork, mostly since lead guitarist Welte had spent a longer time abroad. In December 2014, the band started rehearsing on a regular basis and decided to start playing live gigs and record an EP. On June 13, 2015 the band played their first show (Rock am Cock, Aalen) and released their first EP, The Blind Legion. The initially intended death/doom metal style meanwhile had turned into a more aggressive melodic death metal style, even though melancholic guitar melodies and atmospheric parts are still occupying centre stage. Weniger anzeigen


Markus Kristen


Marcel Welte

Gitarrist, Komponist

Sebastian Ruf

Sänger, Gitarrist, Komponist

Markus Weber


  1. The Blind Legion (The Blind Legion, 2015)Kommentar

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