Melodische Form von Death Metal, nicht typisch skandinavisch sondern mit hang zu aus Paderborn, seit 2009



The Death Metal band Heretics was founded in 2009 in Paderborn, Germany. Shortly thereafter, the
instruments were bought as well – the standard beginning of a school band. On 31 st October 2010
the first gig was played in Verne in front of approximately 300 people and from thereon live
experience was gathered.
In the beginning on the road with the first demo (“Free 'till Death”, 2015) the excitement around the
band grew with the first EP “Talent For Violence” in 2018, which offered a great production for its
three songs. and was positively received in reviews and by fans. The year thereafter the band was
part of the Carriers of the Disease Split EP alongside Wayward Dawn, Heretic Legion and Deadfelsh,
which was released by the label Guts'N'Blood (Peru). In support of this release, the firs (...) Mehr anzeigent self-
organized mini tour (“Carrying the Disease Tour”) brought the band to their second gig abroad in
Skanderborg (Denmark) after playing Prague in 2016.
To celebrate the 10 year live anniversary Heretics organized the Heretic Hordes concert, which was
also the release show for the debut album “Via Appia” (27 September 2019). Eight songs (plus intro)
offer straight forward Death Metal, that partly is breaking necks in old school fashion, gets orchestral
support for short passages and let's modern or thrashy influences shine through – whatever
improves a song is being used. The only thing left of the once school band now is the fun of making
music. Weniger anzeigen


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