Crust,Metal,Hardcore-Punk aus Bielefeld, seit 2013


Label: Twisted Chords


1MAYAK, like no other band, merge with its new LP Trenches various forms of extreme music and creates its own dense sound of angry guitar riffing, blackmetalesque blast beats and partly catchy, sometimes gloomy melodies. Sleazy feedback chaos is followed by anthemnic choruses with recognition value, always carried by oppressive basses and sometimes fragile, but shattering shouts. Musical influences like Kvelertak, High On Fire, Doomriders, Entombed, Tragedy, Disfear, Black Tusk and The Haunted form its own understanding of Metal without denying its DIY / Crust attitude. MAYAK merge atmosphere with sheer aggression, creating crushing guitar walls just to tear them down in the next moment with infernal blast beat thunderstorms.
MAYAK was founded in late 2012 as a four-member band in Bielefel (...) Mehr anzeigend, Germany. The mixture of stoner rock and punk soon developed to a metal and crust attitude, combining various influences of the individual band members (who were active in Ruins, Souls for Sale, etc.). At the beginning of 2013, MAYAK recorded its first demo at the AJZ Bielefeld and released it as a CD and tape and promoted it on its own. Several fanzines and online music portals quickly became aware and praised the band's authentic sound and ability to handle the various musical influences in spite of rough production. In addition to numerous concert organizers, the label obey!-records also became aware of MAYAK and re-released the demo in late 2013 as a 7-inch vinyl (400th edition). After MAYAK initially focused on live performance, the band recorded its first LP Allegiance to None in 2014, directed by Rouven Bienert (recording / mix, Bielefeld) and Roland Wiegner (mastering, Die Tonmeisterei, Oldenburg). The seven songs, which continued to lead the band towards Sludge metal / Crust both in terms of sound and play, were released in October 2014 by Sell Your Soul Records as 12-inch LP (300th edition), and in early 2015 by Mustard Mustache Records as MC (100th edition). Furthermore, the band released the debut album 2015 for promo purposes as a digicase CD version. A tour of Germany with the Finnish band Ravage Ritual followed in October 2015, as well as several weekenders and support for bands like Red Fang, Bane, Code Orange, Agrimonia, Place of Skulls, Negator, Deathrite, Fjort, Dead to a Dying World, Pyramido, Light Bearer, Red Apollo, and many more. With its powerful style MAYAK is able to convince the audience at all sorts of events, from true metal shows to isopod punk rock.
In 2016, MAYAK moved back from stages to rehearsal room and it became quieter about the band. This included line-up changes on drums and the addition of a second guitarist, giving the band denser and more atmospheric sounds. MAYAK took time to develop musically on (1The English name for one of the largest nuclear facility worldwide in Russia known by one of the biggest nuclear incidents ever )
basis of the new possibilities caused by the personnel changes. The result is eight songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexander Sickel at Tiny Pond Recording Studio, Hannover in 2017. The newly recorded songs show MAYAK in songwriting and technology as professional as ever.
For promotional purposes, the band put these eight songs on a CD to apply for a label. With the release of the new album Trenches, MAYAK wants to play as many live performances as possible and spread its new energetic sounds all over the stages of the world! Weniger anzeigen


Sinan Kreye



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